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Welcome to the webpage of the National Council of Pálinka (NCP). NCP was established in 2009, as settled by the so called “pálinka law” (LXXIII law of 2008 about pálinka, törkölypálinka and NCP). According to the pálinka law, NCP has to elect new representatives every three years. The latest cycle started 13 September, 2012. NCP functions as a professional forum for members of the pálinka industry, it helps in enforcing the pálinka law, and offers the government professional consultancy in any kind of topic related to pálinka. NCP has altogether 13 members, 3 delegated from polity, and 10 coming from professional pálinka organizations, thus common goals can be well represented.

NCP considers pálinka a national treasure, and helps protecting and improving it by working on regulating its brewing, quality and proper distribution, and implementing the actual rules.

Hungarian fruit pálinkas and törkölypálinkas are world-wide curiosities. The EU has granted exclusive use of the word ‘pálinka’ to Hungary, and provided several pálinkas with protected geographical indication.

Hungarian pálinka culture has improved a lot during the last decade. Aqua vitae, that is, the “water of life” has again become important participant of all kind of social events, a trendy drink in restaurants and bars, and a highly esteemed product to collect. Moderate sipping of pálinka is a special experience, which unveils to the competent tasters a whole lot about the quality of the raw material, the distilling and aging of the specific distillate.

NCP hopes that pálinka culture will continue making the same unique headway that has entitled it to become the first hungaricum. Pálinka would never have come so far without tasty, rich Hungarian fruits, dedicated distillers and distributors, and well accomplished regulation. There is hardly any other precedent in Hungarian food or drink industry where all these components are guaranteed, and - being well aware of this lucky situation - NCP will continue to work hard to preserve and improve Hungarians’ national drink.

NCP is proud of all the accomplishments reached by pálinka professionals - both distillers and promoters - and will do everything to provide a safe background for them to be able to continue their outstanding work. We are determined to strengthen pálinka’s fame both in Hungary and in the world, and develop its market positions.

NCP wishes to develop this webpage to allow visitors to follow its work, and collect information about distilleries and their products. All helpful comments are welcome.


László Mihályi


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